Video Game, Movie Violence Is ‘Shaping Young People’s Thoughts’ Says President Trump

President cited matured content in films and video games in a meeting on school security today. The president insinuated that these images are gradually in the mind of youths, thereby making them to be engaged in violent acts. President Trump continued by saying more people believes that the degree of atrocious acts in video games has increased the level of violence committed by youths. Since these thoughts gradually form in the mind of youths, it can eventually lead to an outburst of violence.

President Trump Comment Of Movie Violence:

As the US President deliberated on the recent Florida shooting in a school, several causes to the problem have developed. At first, the President mentioned that many people claimed images in video games can as well be a great source of violence. Later in the discussion, the President further mentioned movies. President Trump said some movies come with violent actions that can influence the thought of kids looking at them.

At one point, the President mentioned children can watch movies without any sexual content involved. In a movie where killing takes place, President Trump said such films are not vetted. Trump believes that there should be a kind of rating process to films involving shooting or killing.

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Trump’s Remarks Concerning Films Rating:

Some media talking heads may have misinterpreted President Trump’s statements for something new. In fact, some media outlets boldly mentioned that the president did not know if any form of rating movies or video games exists. MPAA has been the regulating body that helps to rate motion pictures. MPAA was created long time ago around November 1st 1968. In 1984, the PG-13 rating also was added to the rating system. The truth is that President Trump may be suggesting an extra vetting process through a governmental body. Is President Trump looking to get rid of ESRB or MPAA? Instead of making rational statements and claims on the question, it is simple to contact the US White House for more clarity.

Trump Before Running For Public Office:

Before Donald J. Trump ran for public office, his opinion about video game violence may have been misquoted by wrong media outlets. On Twitter, he has been known of making outlandish statements and claims. In 2012, Donald was trying to say that thorough verification process should be in place on what children watch with video games and movies included. This matter is should not be a one-sided opinion or bipartisan issue. Parents, guardians and the government should come together to find a lasting solution to the problem of violence in the society at large.

The statement of President Trump was delivered nearly seven days after the shooting event in Florida. Seventeen people died in the course of the attack. This is a huge loss for the country as a whole and not individual parent. Apart from the president comments, it is time for Congress, Senators and the House to come up with effective solutions to solve the problem. Violence should not be tolerated anywhere in the country, especially where little children co-exist together.

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