Top 5 Fortnite Streamers On Twitch Right Now

Twitch is a great platform where you can get the best shooter games and maximum entertainment. Fortnite is also one of the most successful players in the gaming industry. If you are searching a professional Fortnite streamer on Twitch, then keep reading. From Fortnite Battle Royale to other highlights, the listed streamers can help you get the best information.


Tyler Blevins is also known as ninja and born on June 5 1991. Tyler is a streamer, gamer and YouTuber. Tyler has worked with other prominent groups such as Warriors, Team Liquid and Cloud9. Games that Tyler has featured on his channel are Halo, PUBG, Fortnite and H1Z1. On a professional footing, you can call Tyler an expert in the streaming world. If you are looking for one of the most respected and honorable Fortnite streamer on Twitch, then look no further than Ninja. His working ethics and credentials qualify him to help you get the best on Fortnite.


Caesar Noriega also known as CDNthe3rd was born on December 14 1995. Caesar is a YouTuber, gamer and streamer as well. Caesar has featured amazing games such as Fortnite, PUBG and H1Z1 on his channel. Experience matters a lot when streaming. If there is an experienced streamer that features Fortnite on Twitch, then CDNthe3rd service is a great choice. He understands the rudiment that players need to have a great experience when playing Fortnite on Twitch.


Benjamin Lupo was born on March 20 1987. Benjamin has remained a long-term partner of the Twitch service in the broadcasting department. Benjamin is great streamer and has dealt with games in the likes of Fortnite and Destiny. With over one hundred and fifty thousand followers is confirmed a professional in the field of streaming. The 2017 TwitchCon event is not a strange occasion for Benjamin.


Timothy John Betar was born on April 8 1990. He is often called TimTheTatman and remains a gamer and YouTuber. The Counter-Strike gameplay material that Timothy unleashed to followers has helped him gain more reputation in the streaming world. Timothy has an affectionate voice and takes time to explain things to his followers. On Twitch, Timothy has been able to acquire up to 1.2 billion followers and two hundred and fifty thousand on YouTube.


Cizzors was born on April 25 1996. He is a devoted YouTuber. The reputation that Cizzors has been able to build is beyond anticipation. The gameplay video that he made on PUBG has helped Cizzors to grow in popularity. Apart from PUBG, he has also helped to unleash the beauty of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Fortnite games are some of the best in the industry today. To help make things better, streamers are always on board. Choosing from the above streamers will help you enjoy Fortnite on Twitch. In fact, the professionalism that these streamers bring to players cannot be disputed. For this reason, you can take advantage of the above streamers and watch Fortnite on Twitch.

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