The Walking Dead: The Final Season First 15 Mins Review

Walking Dead

The intense and heartbreaking world of a new zombie regime may be coming to an end after a plethora of seasons. However, The Walking Dead – The Final Season is set to be unveiled with the first exciting fifteen minutes of the game. Telltale Games will be responsible for the unleashing of this powerful game and to be precise in the first fifteen minutes.

New gameplay designed was unveiled by Telltale Games in the San Diego Comic-Con of 2018. This gameplay footage came directly from The Walking Dead – The Final Season. It is simply displaying the first 15 minutes of the new game with coverage of almost four episodes.

The episode of Clementine will be coming to an end according to The Final Season previous trailer debut. Since Clementine appeared in the first season of the game, the producers are deciding to end her story. It may be emotional and devastating when going through the account of the gameplay footage of the game.

The new game of The Final Season will portray Clementine as an older figure than in previous seasons. This will help to determine the experiences of Clementine as an older character. Peradventure, she may have become highly experienced as featured over the first season of the game.

In the first fifteen minutes of The Final Season, the premier scene on PS4 will also be debuted. Moreover, players can also see this premiere episode on PC and Xbox One around 14 August 2018. Later this year, the same game will be featured on Nintendo Switch for players to enjoy.

Today, the first fifteen minutes of the much-anticipated game of The Walking Dead – The Final Season has been unveiled by Telltale Games at Comic-Con. The first episode can be downloaded on Xbox One, PS4, and PC around August 14. Players have the opportunity to pre-order for this game now across all regions.

A capable and fierce survivor called Clementine has attained the prime session of her acting adventure. Clementine has been on the road for several years and facing dangers of death and life. Clementine may finally pitch her tent in a lonely school somewhere in the game. For her home to remain and safe, it means that Clementine will have to sacrifice everything in the books.

Clementine must become a leader by building a life while still caring about AJ – the orphan boy. AJ remains the only thing that Clementine can boost of while in her journey of life and death. This final season will help to know how Clementine’s story ended. She will have to fight with the undead and keep her relationships in this emotional and gripping final season.

For players to enjoy this first fifteen minutes of this game, it is a good idea to pre-orde4r now. It is going to be one of the best games ever made in the gaming industry. If you are a big fan of Clementine, then having a copy of this game will help in discovering her end.

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