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Video Game, Movie Violence Is ‘Shaping Young People’s Thoughts’ Says President Trump

President cited matured content in films and video games in a meeting on school security today. The president insinuated that these images are gradually in the mind of youths, thereby making them to be engaged in violent acts. President Trump continued by saying more people believes that the degree of atrocious acts in video games has increased the level of violence committed by youths. Since these thoughts gradually form in the mind of youths, it can eventually lead to an outburst of violence.

President Trump Comment Of Movie Violence:

As the US President deliberated on the recent Florida shooting in a school, several causes to the problem have developed. At first, the President mentioned that many people claimed images in video games can as well be a great source of violence. Later in the discussion, the President further mentioned movies. President Trump said some movies come with violent actions that can influence the thought of kids looking at them.

At one point, the President mentioned children can watch movies without any sexual content involved. In a movie where killing takes place, President Trump said such films are not vetted. Trump believes that there should be a kind of rating process to films involving shooting or killing.

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Trump’s Remarks Concerning Films Rating:

Some media talking heads may have misinterpreted President Trump’s statements for something new. In fact, some media outlets boldly mentioned that the president did not know if any form of rating movies or video games exists. MPAA has been the regulating body that helps to rate motion pictures. MPAA was created long time ago around November 1st 1968. In 1984, the PG-13 rating also was added to the rating system. The truth is that President Trump may be suggesting an extra vetting process through a governmental body. Is President Trump looking to get rid of ESRB or MPAA? Instead of making rational statements and claims on the question, it is simple to contact the US White House for more clarity.

Trump Before Running For Public Office:

Before Donald J. Trump ran for public office, his opinion about video game violence may have been misquoted by wrong media outlets. On Twitter, he has been known of making outlandish statements and claims. In 2012, Donald was trying to say that thorough verification process should be in place on what children watch with video games and movies included. This matter is should not be a one-sided opinion or bipartisan issue. Parents, guardians and the government should come together to find a lasting solution to the problem of violence in the society at large.

The statement of President Trump was delivered nearly seven days after the shooting event in Florida. Seventeen people died in the course of the attack. This is a huge loss for the country as a whole and not individual parent. Apart from the president comments, it is time for Congress, Senators and the House to come up with effective solutions to solve the problem. Violence should not be tolerated anywhere in the country, especially where little children co-exist together.

LG 34UC79G-B 34″ 21:9 UltraWide IPS Curved Gaming Monitor Review

Finding a good ultra-wide monitor might seem hard at first, because of the wide range of products available on the market. However, making a choice will suddenly become easy when you will discover the LG-34U.C79G-B 34″ 21:9 UltraWide I.P.S Curved Gaming-Monitor. This 144-Hz monitor is curved, has a 2560×1080 full resolution on 34 inches ultrawide screen.

Offering excellent quality, 21:9 design and height adjustment, this product is indeed a good 1440p 144hz gaming monitor. You’ll find a conclusion about this product, at the end of the article, but first, let’s see some design and performance key features and also let’s check out the cons for this product!

Dimensions And Curvature

At first, you might feel hindered when observing the 34-inch diagonal screen unravelling in front of you, but you will get used to it. Yes, it could seem (too) significant in the beginning, but afterwards, you will learn how to enjoy these monitor’s generous dimensions.

When sitting closer, the curvature magic starts to appear. A 21:9 aspect ratio is considerably useful when it comes to 4K monitors (the extra width that comes with this ration is excellent for movies, and it actually means you have more workspace).


The 21:9 ratio on this 34-inch monitor brings a 2560×1080 resolution, and this can be considered an advantage when it comes to gaming. With an 82 pixels per inch density, this screen allows you to see the pixels when you are really close to it, in comparison to higher resolution monitors, where games like skyrim can take a crispy look, slightly unpleasant for the eye.

A huge advantage that comes with a “smaller” resolution (in comparison with other products) is that you will not need a rocket G.P.U in order to smoothly run games (here comes in handy the 144-Hz fresh rate).

A.M.D FreeSync

This monitor includes A.M.D Freesync, and its inclusion is more than welcome, because it runs between 50 & 144 Hz, and this means you can enjoy the games that are built on 50-144 FPS. A.M.D FreeSync offers this product a huge boost in front of other curved monitors out there on the market that reaches their peaks at 100 Hz.

The higher the FPS parameter is, the more frames will be synchronized by the GPU with the refresh rate (and this means that the games will look smooth and neat).

Accurate Color Reproduction

With this product, you will be sure that blacks are black, and they should be. Also, color depth and saturation will surely impress you. An I.P.S panel is doing all this magic, and it surely comes with the benefit of excellent color accuracy.

The I.P.S panel comes secured in a matte black and red enclosure. You will be amazed by the brightness and vividness of the colors, even at challenging viewing angles.

Sleek Minimalistic Design

The thin frame and the small logo on the centre bottom size make this product a minimalist’s treasure. There are no unnecessary lights, no buttons or any distracting elements. LG OnScreen Control-Software can be installed, and this allows you to choose many options and profiles.

You have the control button, a 4-way joystick on the lower area of the panel and the OnScreen control so that you can choose the best option for you.

Easy Adjustable Mount Pattern

This monitor stand covers a 100mmx100mm V.E.S.A, and you can install a V.E.S.A mount instead of the one that comes within the purchase package.

You should pay attention that the V.E.S.A holes are on a recessed area and your mount may not fit. In case you run into this, the manufacturer can send you a useful alleviating bracket (you have to provide them a serial number of the monitor you have purchased).

Preconfigured Gaming Modes

Three preconfigured gaming modes are available in the setup menu of this monitor, and you can choose among them the one that fits your preferences most.
Also, they are fit for different types of games, so you should try them each and see which is best for the games you want to play.


• great curvature as well as size and resolution
• sleek and clean design
• A.M.D FreeSync
• IPS panel
• adjustable mount pattern


• Unfit preconfigured gaming modes parameters
• It is not really a 4k monitor
• Slightly dimmer than other products.


This product has an amazing contrast ratio, accurate and vibrant colors, authentic blacks, rapid response times, not to mention the price makes it one of the attractive products out there on the market.

Its resolution is not as competitors’, but this might actually be an advantage for not so expensive graphics cards. If you cannot afford the other gaming monitors available from other manufacturers, this curved gaming monitor is surely the best option for you.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition PC Game Review

Ever since Skyrim was released, the RPG genre had to up its standards. What Skyrim did for gaming is comparable to what electric cars did to the automotive industry. It was innovative, had a great storyline, great gameplay, and amazing graphics. Players have been craving for games like Skyrim, but developers have not been very keen on making another blockbuster. What gamers ended up getting is a remastered version of Skyrim. Named The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, the game does not bring much new. It is just more Skyrim but with an up to date polish.

The Good

The PC version of Skyrim Special edition now is a remastered version which means the vast majority of work was done on graphics and textures for players using gaming monitors for better experience. With a new look, the game still holds its ground when put side by side to modern RPGs and we are talking about Skyrim, a game that was released almost 6 years ago.

Game mechanics have not been changed which to a certain degree is a good thing as there was so much to love about the original version of Skyrim. There was no need to add new content to the Special Edition.

The biggest change is done to the graphics of the game. Particle density has been increased which creates gorgeous landscapes. Snowstorms look amazing; the sky is more realistically animated, textures have higher resolutions and lighting is significantly improved. There are plenty of small things that add to the overall visuals. Some objects were completely redesigned or have new textures. For NPCs animations were improved. All these improvements have been achieved before but trough mods made by the community. The problem was that they had a big performance impact. With the new Skyrim Special Edition, performance is significantly improved. Framerates are much smoother.

Another major plus is the support for mods. The Special Edition offers the same support for mods, but with the improved graphics, there is less need to focus on the game visuals when developing a mod. This frees up more time for modders to just be creative.

The Bad

Despite having many years of learning between the original release and the Special Edition, Bethesda did not pay too much attention to fans. Things that players hated like the menu or sword fighting mechanics have not been changed.

Concerning consistency, the graphics of the visual upgrades are not as stunning as they should be in every single zone or area. For example, outdoor zones look gorgeous. Dungeons, on the other hand, seem to be less polished.

One of the saddest things about the Special Edition is that some mods offer better graphics. There are plenty of examples to mention, but this is not all. There are even mods for the original game that improves the UI. Bethesda could have benefited a lot by looking at popular mods and adopting some of the changes into the Special Edition.

Last but not least, the PC version of the Special Edition was cluttered with bugs when it was initially released. Some were patched, but there are still some minor bugs that occur more often than they should like NPCs walking through objects.

Yay or Nay

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition for PC is not a game for everyone. It is worthy of purchase for the purists; the ones that loved the original and want a genuine experience that is up to date and without having to use any mods. The Special Edition does prove that if the game would have been released today with improved graphics, it would have scored quite high. It is not a dated game in any shape of form, but there is a bit of competition. We have a few games like Skyrim that offer a similar experience but without copying what Bethesda has done.

For the ones that never played the original, this is the version to try. It is fresh, fun to play, has a great storyline and game mechanics are challenging bun fun. It we were to ignore the clunky menu, annoying save system or the not so perfect sword fighting system, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition is worthy of spending money and time on.

The last category of players might want to stay away from this title. We are talking about players that enjoyed the original, invested many hours into it and hoped that the Special Edition would bring something new. This is not the game for them. Skyrim Special Edition is basically more of the same Skyrim but up to date in terms of graphics.