Talk about feng shui, thing comes to mind most certainly is everything connected with magic items such as wind chimes, crystals agate, etc. In fact, not all thing is related to feng shui is definitely associated with magic objects. Bedroom feng shui highlight on the arrangement of the rooms and the use of colour. Most people assume that the room arrangement and selection of colours and furniture has a special role in terms of employment, health, love, and etc.

Bed Placements

Belief or not, there are certain rules that must be followed by those who wish to apply feng shui bedroom. Based on rules of bedroom feng shui, a good placement of bed is far from the door. At each edge of the bed there should be an additional two tables because the bed was right in front of the window. The bad placement can cut energy coming from the door and are not allowed such as a bed facing the door, bed which is next door but facing the window, and the bed facing the direction of the entrance.

Color Selection

 In addition, to pay attention to the placement of the bed, feng shui bedroom also has its own rules in the selection and colors combination. The most popular way to select a color is by considering the color you wear most. Although some designers create attractive decoration of black but for feng shui, black is a color that is not recommended. To get the positive feng shui, the color energy of the area should match the color of your energy. If you are quite confused with this step, there are other more simple ways that you can follow.
Alternative Color Selection

Some people feel pressed for time so did not get to see the color of feng shui that is suitable for their feng shui bedroom. Alternatively, you can choose a paint color with elements of skin color in range of white to brown. After that, you can choose any color what you think is best for creating positive energy. Why it is advisable to choose the color of the skin? This is because the color of the skin is able to create the impression of warmth and Earthly and good feng shui. The skin color is most suitable applied to the wall