What is The Stimulist not?
Into pessimist hysteria. We’re not delivering breaking news, hyper-liberal snark, or gloomy predications about the economy. Recession or no, it’s a beautiful world full of fascinating things. Find some here.

Who is funding The Stimulist?
I am. Despite the downturn, perhaps even because of it, I think it’s important to put yourself on the line and start something when you believe it fills a need. We’ve got a small, scrappy staff dedicated to covering the Obama Era with the pragmatic optimism it deserves.

Is the name a play on the trillion-dollar bailout?
The whatnow? Oh, right: the “stimulus.” I hadn’t thought about that.

Is The Stimulist just another aggregator, this one edited by Carlos Watson?
Not at all. We link throughout the day to important stories flying under the radar, stories we’ve chosen by hand to give readers some context for the world. But the meat of the site is original ideas: I write a daily post, we’ve got contributors from around the world, and we’re looking for more. Interested?

Does the world really need another handsome, hoops-obsessed, Harvard-educated, African-American son of an immigrant stimulating conversation?
Oh, that other guy is pretty busy.

We’re living history right now. President Obama is trying to fundamentally change this country; his election already has. Media is undergoing a seismic shift, as well—newspapers are hurting, while the web explodes anew each day. I want to help further that conversation.

Are you trying to become the next Ariana Huffington?
Ariana and I are great friends—I read her site daily, and she was a huge help in getting The Stimulist off the ground. There’s no replicating someone like her; good thing that’s not what I’m after.

Who or what stimulates you the most?
Risk. People willing to take chances in their thinking, to take chances in their lives. People who, you know, start websites in the midst of a recession.