About us


Founded by news anchor Carlos Watson, The Stimulist is a daily brief for the (curious) optimist. We believe that snark is too easy. We’re looking for the good. Each day, the site posts a six-pack of fresh content: a wrap-up of the news, one idea worth considering, one person worth knowing, one thing worth trying, one piece of history worth remembering and a blog from Watson himself. As a multi-talented news personality, Carlos has a unique (and optimistic) perspective on what constitutes “daily news”. Like the Daily Beast, Goop, or Talking Points Memo, The Stimulist represents one media personality’s lens for viewing the (Obama Era) world.

To be clear:

The Stimulist is…

1. What Carlos Watson has always wanted from a news site: a broad range of sources, provocative articles, a place to learn about incredible people, things to try, historical context, and some sex.
2. Not all about sex. Sorry.
3. An ongoing conversation. If you’re a writer, or if you’re not, The Stimulist hereby solicits your ideas.
4. A work in progress. The Stimulist wants your feedback.
5. A place to find inspiration. Recession or no, it’s a beautiful world full of fascinating things. Find some here.

The Stimulist is not…

1. Into pessimist hysteria. We’re not delivering hyper-liberal snark, gloomy predictions about the economy, or caustic celeb gossip.
2. A porn site. But it may be the most fun you can have in front of your computer at work. (If you have work. If not, see #3.)
3. Ever mean to its interns.
4. The Daily Beast.
5. A place for you to anonymously act like an ass. That’s why we have a commenting policy.