2K Making A New Game That’s Not Mafia 4 Or A Battle Royale

2k Games remain an American gaming franchise located in Novato, CA. The creation of this gaming industry took place in 2005 through the expertise of Christoph Hartmann, Greg Thomas, Jason Argent and David Ismailer. The company has created a sub-category of the Take-Two Interactive project.

In recent memories, 2K Games has unveiled some surprising details of their new game. The game depicts a city wrecked with disaster from a common cityscape platform. One thing is evident that the upcoming 2K game will not either be a battle royale or Mafia 4 system of operation. This is where the story becomes more interesting to fans.
In light of the announcement of the company, rumors are pointing to the creation of a game with innovative storylines and perspective. The game is assumed to come out with a new storyline that sees people gathering together to build a brighter future. Whether this is true, nobody can confirm at the moment. Another source mentioned the game would display the emancipation of people from a general illness.

2K’s New Game Prospect

2K Games is known for its wonderful storyline characters. Maybe there will be an innovation of fresh characters and storylines in the new game. The game will not be Mafia 4 because of several reasons. First, the release time for Mafia 4 is until 2020, and the globe is currently running in 2018. In a nutshell, Mafia 4 remains as a future game that 2K Games will release.

As a battle royale game, fans may like to see the focus of the company. Battle Royale games are becoming more popular these days, and many companies have displayed their competence one way or the other. At the moment, 2K is not thinking of moving in the same direction as other game producing companies. This means the new game from 2K will be exciting, innovative, thrilling and as well exciting.


It is likely that the 2k new game will have a mix of adventure, combat, action, and tourism in it. Following its previous games, there is every possibility for the game to come with a new gameplay setting. There will be improvements to help players in a more comfortable platform. The design is another area that players will like to see innovation. Maybe the new game will also have the addition of creative and innovation to its sleek ergonomic design.


It is hard to guess correctly what the actual finished game will be. One thing is for sure that the new game from 2K will not be a battle royale or Mafia 4 styling. This should merely give players a sense to what the company is trying to accentuate. Players should be tuned to more updates on the new game and see what it entails. The simple concept the company is pointing at may be something that will trigger fans to change their mind of thinking. Until then, let everyone continue to hope for the best.

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